Superhero GIRL by Lori Bowen with The Swanky Sparrow

  Bring out your child's inner super hero with our new Super Hero line by Lori Bowen.  

Growing up, both Lori's mother and best friend were very talented artists that began teaching her at a very young age. Art was always her favorite subject throughout school. Although she bleeds Orange, after 2 years at the University of Tennessee, her true love drew her away to Art school in Atlanta. While she graduated with a degree in 3D Animation, a graphic design position would become her first job. She worked her way up to Manager of Creative Services in a thriving Marketing firm in Atlanta. After dedicating 16 years to the corporate world, she and her husband welcomed their only child into their family. In 2011, Lori began to design from home, catering to small businesses and their branding. She has found her true love in mixing her illustration and graphic design skills to help her clients realize their vision.

Our super plush super hero blanket reads "today I will be a superhero" and can be customized with your child's name!