Stephanie Corfee Mermaid Blanket-Radical Redhead

This very high quality blanket is part of a series of items designed by Stephanie Corfee. Here is a little about Stephanie:

"My personal aesthetic is a little bit bohemian, colorful, and whimsical. There is always intricacy & detail. i love artworks that reveal something new every time you look at them.

Where: I work from my home studio in a Philadelphia suburb. We moved here 6 years ago for the sunny yard and space to spread out all my art supplies!!!"

We will also add a childs' name around the image in complimentary colors to give it that personal touch! Colors automatically default to colors that coordinate with the artwork, unless other wise specified. 

 There may be an up charge with complex art, this includes adding more than 4 names per item. With complex art, please expect additional time.