Joann Grace Designs is a new adventure for my family. I had been searching the internet for a keepsake blanket for my baby, Haddie Grace, but just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I found some options, but unfortunately the vendor was having a hard time keeping up with orders so decided to put focus in another line. So I went to my husband, who works in the promotional goods industry and also is a graphic artist and asked him if he could create something and he did exactly what I had envisioned.  The market is pretty well saturated with baby blankets but what most people find is that embroidery or a silk screen print in one location or a step and repeat pattern all over the blanket.  Our niche is complete print all over the blanket (not to sound cliché) your imagination is literally the only limit.  What we have also found is that our customer base has produced some of our best creations.  We have two ways of working with direction or without, either we take your design direction or give us your child's favorite colors and some particulars and we design your blanket or towel for you.  

A little about me, I am a mommy of 2 beautiful girls, Averee Joann and Haddie Grace. I adore beautiful clothes and unique items for my girls. I have a degree in Fashion Marketing, I've worked in the retail industry for 20 years. As far as your customer service experience with Joann Grace Designs, lets just say I take personal ownership of each and every project. It, at times, makes things a little stressful around the house but its what I expect when I am the customer, so I think its only fair for me to do the same. Joann Grace is a labor of love!