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We are now open for business. After a few months off to review and refresh, I have decided to open back up for business. As I mentioned before in my last blog post, I need the time to really re-evaluate my business and clear my head. Over the break we have refined the manufacturing and printing process a little to offer more vibrant colors and higher quality material. I always review along with the girls, the products before I allow to go on the website. This blanket I swear has gotten softer as I have washed.  I hope you notice the difference!! 
With the new process, I have decided  to drop ship from a 3rd party logistics in order to provide the most efficient delivery possible. After many years being in the business, I feel this will be the most efficient way to get you the products in a timely manner. 
I do plan on bringing the pillowcases back and beach towels. I can't wait to launch those again. 
I have also added a new section to the website, Ready to Cuddle, these products are not personalized, but would make a great gift, especially if you need really quick. I collaborated with some customers, who inspired me, you will find a unique baseball blanket, a words of encouragement blanket, a generic baby blanket. With that being said, if you have an idea for a blanket that you think would appeal to others, please email me. I love working with you and and being able to bring your vision to life! 
I would love to add some charities to our Cuddle for a Cause section. This is something that is near to my heart as I want to give back. What a better way to help those who may need a lift in spirit or cuddle cuddle with a cozy blanket with special meaning. 
 I would love for you to come join my Facebook group
This is a place where I like to bounce ideas off you all and and get to know each other. Plus, with algorithms always changing on social media, it's hard to keep up.
Also, I'd love to see your cuties cozied with their blankets. Feel free to email or tag me on social media. (For those with babies, this is my fix.) Gosh I miss those days. 
Again, thank you for believing in me. I really do have the best customers.


Kelly Schuler:

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May 06, 2019

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