The Pool Bag

Sweet summer time is here. We have enjoyed our first 2 weeks of summer, kicking it off poolside with friends and water balloon fights with their cousin. Of course, they all had the JGD towels in tow! I have come to appreciate summer time so much more now that we have hit the elementary years. I look forward to spending more time with my girls during the summer and no pressure for early bedtimes. I particularly like the fact of not having to be anywhere at by 7:45 am and not rushing from one activity to another. My girls and I like slow mornings, being able to make silly face pancakes, of course with whip cream. :) We have made our summer fun list which includes, drive in movies, swimming in the rain, lots of popsicles to beat this Texas heat, and water balloon fights.

A personal goal for myself is trying to “go with the flow” a bit more. I’m a check mark kind of gal, I like my old fashioned planner, I don’t embrace the tech world when it comes to my calendar. I know,  I know.. I do struggle a bit with working from home and summer time, but I found a solution and have a  “mommy helper” that comes over and plays with the girls while I work.   I find myself working more at night when hubby is home and the girls go to bed, too.  Along with my new “go with the flow” attitude, I’m trying to embrace the big hefty pool bag. I know you moms get it..the pool bag that weighs you down and your shoulder hurts the next day, yes, that pool bag with all the JGD towels, goggles, puddle jumper for HG, sunscreen, snacks, bubbles, pool toys, and change of clothes for after swim. That pool bag signifies so much, it means they still need their mommy. I’m embracing it as I know one day I won’t have that hefty pool bag. So, my wish for you moms with young ones, embrace the POOL BAG and Happy Sweet Summertime!


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