The Days are Long but the Years are Shorter
Here in Texas we’ve been back at elementary school since the end of August. I must say, I’m not one the moms that were doing toe touches and cheering. I really enjoyed spending the summer with my girls. Our summer wasn't too eventful with trips, etc, but we had a lot of family time together. We had lots of summer fun in the pool, lots, and lots of pancakes. Since we weren’t rushing off in the morning, the girls wanted homemade pancakes practically every morning. My little Aves will put whip cream on just about anything! Haddie Grace likes hers cut just right and with lots of syrup! God forbid you don’t cut just right, we might have a meltdown at 8:00am over pancakes.  
Averee made a summer fun list at the beginning of the summer and she held me accountable for each little adventure which included Ninja Warrior gym, putt putt golf, pedicures, YES day, where we pretty much allow anything, within reason, like ice cream for breakfast, etc. We had lots of sleepovers with their cousins and our traditional Sunday night dinners at my parents. I really enjoyed our slow paced summer time together. 
The next thing I knew, we were at Meet the Teacher and bam, I have a 2nd grader. Whoa, that just seems so big to me. I drop her off at car line and she’s not the tiny one anymore. A fun tradition I have started thanks to our friends at Our Little LifeStyle Blog, is these cute t-shirts that have their graduation class year we will take her picture each year and watch how she grows. Averee, this year, wants to be a zookeeper and a baker, but not just a regular baker, she wants to be a baker that dances. :) We shall see if this stays with her. 
The day before Kindergarten 2014
The day before 2nd grade 2016
Now my little Haddie Grace, my baby, just started school last week. That was a long 2 weeks without her sister! Wow! I didn’t realize how much they really played with each other until Averee was gone and Haddie Grace wanted me to play Barbies all day. Thankful for a friend that was in the same boat with big sister off to school and her youngest needed a playmate! We took turns watching the little ones so I could work and she could run errands etc. This year, for Haddie Grace, is bittersweet, it’s her last year at preschool! I don’t know if it’s just me, but with Haddie, my youngest, I just see her as my little baby. How in the world could she possibly be heading to the same school as her sister next year! I can’t even go there, we are talking about me, the one who cried for probably a month straight when I dropped Averee off to kindergarten, no lie. Back to my little Haddie Grace, she goes to school now 4 days a week, she thinks it is a little much, matter of fact last night she was very upset she had school today. I think she was more concerned thinking she’s big like her sissy and going to have homework! HA! Their little minds. Haddie wants to be a Superhero, but let me emphasize, a REAL superhero! Little does she know, she already is mine. 
This summer and beginning of the school year really brings me to the quote “The Days are Long, but the Years are Shorter.” I wish you all with littles and or big kids a wonderful school year! 

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