Swim Season
Summer Swim League,  has been over for about a month now..swimming is a pretty popular sport in our area. This was all new to me, in Oklahoma, we spent many Friday nights at the football fields from a very young age. Swimming as a sport, wasn’t a very big sport at my school when I was there, many moons ago. In our area, kiddos swim year round, we have yet to embark on that just yet..we'll wait until she's a bit older to make that decision. 
As soon as Averee began to swim we had many friends that had joined our community swim team and encouraged us to join..my thoughts, why not? She may like it…
Our first season was last year, Averee really enjoyed it, she by far, wasn’t the fastest swimmer, but really just had fun. That is what our team and coaches all preached..have fun!
She wanted to continue lessons throughout the year, so we did so at a wonderful facility near our home throughout the year. Our swim season starts in April, our first swim meet was in May, it lasts 6 weeks, we start early here because of our lovely Houston heat. What I truly love about this sport is the positive atmosphere, we have little ones as young as 4 years old swimming, with coaches, older kids, and parents along side the pool cheering for and encouraging them to swim across the pool. For me, I personally love the opportunity to meet many families in our community that I have yet to meet. We come together as a community and volunteer and encourage our kiddos. We have early morning wake up calls, we have to arrive by 7am, some volunteers are up at the pool as early as 5:30am. I see lots of high fives and “way to go’s!” It’s just a good, fun atmosphere for everyone involved. I feel so blessed to live in the community we live in and the opportunity to be a part of a positive team sport.  
This year, it was truly so neat to watch Averee’s growth from meet to meet. She listened to her coaches and strived to beat her times each week. Each meet she signed up for freestyle and backstroke. This year, she wanted to sign up for another stroke, breaststroke, which she had no experience, but hey, who was I to stop her. She got disqualified each meet, until the the very last meet. She didn’t pout or cry one time, when the officials would come tell her what she needed to work on for the stroke. As her mom, I am so truly proud of her determination, confidence, and competitive spirit. It's so very cool to be able to watch her grow. 
Another cool thing, for me, was to see about 50 Joann Grace towels all in one spot! I get to make lots of goodies for you all, but it's rare to see that many JGD products in one area. It was pretty neat! 
Now, let's see if my little Haddie Grace will attempt next year..I keep asking her if she wants to be a Gator like her sissy..the answer is always a strong NO. Isn't it funny how siblings can be so different? One is very determined, will try anything and is pretty competitive, the other would rather sit along the sidelines and cheer for everybody. We shall see what happens next year. 
Until next season..
Brooke (aka proud swim mom)

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