New Beginnings
As most of you know, I've taken some much needed time off to be with my family and evaluate some things with my business. In mid September of last year, my printer whom I used suddenly closed without any heads up. This was the first time that I was shown so much grace and understanding from my amazing  customers. I worked really hard to find replacement suppliers to get me through the holiday season. By the end of November, I made the very tough decision to take some time off. 
There were many things that led me to the decision. Not only had this working mama been dealing with change with my company, but mommyhood and life had just become so chaotic. I felt like I finally hit that "wall" that everyone speaks of. Over-volunteered, Haddie's cheer coach, volunteered at their elementary school,  over worked, and I just said YES to too many things. "You can't be everything to everyone." Something had to give. My family needed me. Averee turning 10 this year was so emotional for me. I realize that she has now less time at home with us than she has been alive. (Hopefully she follows her plan to go to a good University) These sweet girls needed their mom. A mom who was present. A mom whose feelings weren't worn on her sleeve. A mom who didn't cry when dinner was burnt or the computer glitched. 
After this time off, I really feel like I have a good balance. I have Marie Kondo "ed" my house. If you haven't seen her Netflix or read her book, I highly recommend. I have spent some good quality time with the girls. I have made lots of dinners and have a little plan of action for dinners during the week. I haven't burned any either wink, wink, doubt that will last long and if I do hopefully I won't cry. 
Now, this mama is ready to dive back in to work. I am currently making the changes that I have been talking about for a while. I am working hard on the backend of my website.  I am also working on some artwork that is ready to ship these items will cost less and quicker to get to you. 
I really needed that time to refreshed and get that spark back.  I don't want to say I have it all figured out, this balance thing, but I feel I have a better understanding of knowing myself and in the words of Jen Hatmaker, if it's not a He*l YES, then it's a NO. I can't thank you enough for your support over the years and I am so grateful for each one of you. Thank you for believing in me! 




kathleen kaufman:

Hi Brooke! Im very happy that you have decided to come back to yout business! Your merchandise is unique, adorable, wonderful quality & soo comfy which makes them perfect for gifts for all ages & any occasion!!!
Are you open for business now?
Best of luck with your “New Beginning “

Feb 19, 2019


Glad you took the time you needed. You do so much! Proud to know you ❤️

Feb 19, 2019

Michelle Kane:

I totally understand the position you were in and for the much needed time off. As women and Moms, I agree we tend to take on too much, the “Wonder Woman”, “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” we all want to feel and be that Woman and many times we do end up burning out and everything we care about all of a sudden starts falling apart. So Bless you for having the courae to say STOP and re evaluate. I am hoping you will soon be doing the name blankets as we have a new baby in our mist that I would love to get one for. Take care.

Feb 19, 2019

Bev Hall:

Hi Brooke,
I am so sorry to hear of your recent troubles and very happy to hear that you are feeling better and ready to go again! I believe that these life challenges are placed before us for a reason. Obviously you needed to slow down and regroup. Congratulations for taking the time to figure out what you and your family needed. Never lose sight of the pleasure to that you have brought to so many people over the years! Your blankets are loved and cuddled every day and have brought comfort and joy to so many young and old!
We are glad to hear of your “New Beginning” as we have just been blessed with our first great grandchild, a beautiful little boy and that calls for another gorgeous blanket. Can you let me know the options available.
Wishing you and your family all the best and a very happy Valentine’s Day!
Bev Hall

Feb 19, 2019

Jackie Moon:

Sweet friend! I have been praying for you! So glad you are back. I am getting some orders together. You are the best.

Feb 19, 2019

Paula Mutzel:

Glad to hear you’re doing ok and that you’re getting back into your wonderful designs! When will the Personalized Blanket be coming back..I have a brand new baby in mind who really wants this for a gift!!! Take care…

Feb 19, 2019


I always believe in you. Yes, follow your heart is always the answer and family is always first. Can’t wait to order new things this year.

Feb 19, 2019

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