Happy Birthday Averee
Sunday my sweet Averee Joann turns 9! She is no longer that baby faced little girl. She really looks like a “tween.” Do you know how hard that is to even type?? At 4 days old, this girl taught me, a new mommy, how to fight. Four days after Averee was born, I found myself in the ICU and diagnosed with a very rare diagnosis called Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, where my heart was weakened due to pregnancy.  For many hours, we were uncertain of my how severe my diagnosis was, and I laid in the hospital bed, crying as I missed my baby, all I wanted was to be at home with her. As I laid in that bed, I knew not only did I have to fight for my life, but I NEEDED to be here to be my baby girls mommy. I thank God for her and I’m thankful she brought out the fight in me. 

This sweet girl is not only beautiful on the outside, but has a kind spirit. She is fiery, competitive and confident. I love that she is not afraid to go out and give it her all in sports. She may be one of 2 girls on a basketball team, but that doesn’t intimidate her. She has a special love for animals…especially reptiles. Yep, you read that right, this girl can tell you all about snakes, reptiles, and amphibians. I truly think this all started when she found out her big, strong papa has a major fear of snakes! She soon after started checking out books at her school library about snakes. This year for her birthday party we are having reptiles come..I’m a little unsure how I will be around them…
Averee Joann you make me so proud to be your mommy. You have grown to be an amazing daughter, big sister, and a friend that loves to make people laugh. Happy Birthday to my first born baby. 

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