A Walk in my Shoes...

I have a little while to walk in the shoes of a 40 year old and strangely I do feel a bit different. I never thought as myself as one who cared about age, we’ve always heard “age is just a number," etc, but I guess it’s been a time of reflection. I did set to have a goal, in my early 20’s, to hopefully be married by 30, and phew I did by 10 days, HA! So much happened in my 30’s, got married, built our first home, had 2 beautiful girls, and then started Joann Grace Designs! whoa! So, turning 40 does/did have me thinking..were those wrinkles there? why are my legs so sore from a short walk? is there a place where you are supposed to be at 40? Time to really start using that “wrinkle cream.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family, supportive husband, great friends, but what next?

Let’s face it, I question myself daily on this parenting gig wondering why the heck isn’t there a manual, but I’ve never questioned myself. My actual Birthday, I literally pulled the covers over my face and cried, then I started to have anxiety about why I was crying! I was in a funk for a few days, celebrated with wonderful friends, and making my way out of that funk. Again, I have these 2 little girls that I’m trying my hardest to be a good role model, showing them they can follow their dreams and have a family, too. I have a supportive husband and family, so let’s just jump back in, with both feet and do this! I’m embracing 40 with a few extra skincare items and excited about the new adventures! So I guess my little “40 reflection” is, embrace me no matter what birthday it is and stay secure and true to myself. 


Brooke (40 and embracing it)

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